Alkeis Ltd develops and produces new solutions for living and public spaces, using wood technology. Alkeis’s interests grow from technical joinery to furniture to interiors to architectural scale. Alkeis runs on absolute materials and energy efficiency logic. If you must make something, design for minimal use of an abundant resource, maximal longevity and full circularity. The main material of Alkeis is wood: renewable, durable, repairable, globally available and vastly adaptable to all human structures. Alkeis builds living spaces for life.

Wood is what humans build with. World over, peoples have built efficient structures, interiors, tools: complete living systems with wood technologies. Alkeis feels inspired by and strives to contribute to this millenia-long tradition with our modern means. Design and production innovation allows us to consume our Earth’s dwindling organic resources more wisely: use low-value materials, scarcely. Simulation-based design and modern automation allows distributed local production with side streams and recyclates. The complete Alkeis living spaces are for widespread use.

Today the company offers an ecological workplace and home office system, as a rental service and with a lifelong take back model. The modular collection’s highlights include YK Side Chair, YK Lounge and YK Stool, design by Yrjö Kukkapuro 2021. Built around a sandwich-structure scalable desk solution and expansive storage systems by Ville Kokkonen, and featuring innovatively plywood-only loungers by Imola Balogh, the collection is uniquely realised with aerocraft-grade plywood. The rare, Nordic birch based thin-ply classic material is famed for its aesthetics and the structural properties it affords — originally in aviation.